Gardenvale Primary School Logo

                                    Our Motto - Onward and Upward

Our Vision - Challenge, Engage, Inspire

Principal's Message

Welcome to Gardenvale Primary School.

Our school has served the educational needs of the students from the local area since the establishment of learning on the two sites in the early 1920’s.

The Gardenvale Primary School has a tradition of excellence, maintains a clear and strong focus on student wellbeing, personal growth and striving for academic excellence. The school supports a diverse community and our teaching and learning programs aim to build and develop student understandings, abilities and skills.

Learning in today’s environment provides many new and dynamic challenges. The passionate and professional staff at the school work collaboratively to build a learning community that ensures all students are challenged to achieve their best in all they do.

Our school enjoys strong support from the community and the families who choose to enrol at the school ensure our facilities, resources and equipment are modern, well maintained and used to support the learning programs across all levels of the school. It is a great honour to serve our student community and I invite you to contact the Office to arrange a visit or schedule a school tour.


Janine Hall